These 8 pieces were a series I painted in 2014 for a show at Lequivive in Oakland. I was going through a mess of major life changes and exploring both how embracing dark moments can bring huge emotional and personal growth. That there are specs of color that shine through. Undulating waves of the two, dark and light that make up our experiences and how we move through them. I continued this theme in many pieces beyond this. 
Dark Optimism Series
"I am so sick of dying" 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"I found you in a sea of selflessness." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"It a rose from a depth we didn’t know existed." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"It's a majestic fall into a journey of darkness." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"It took the collective whole to build us up again." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"It was the internal landscape that contained the highest hurtles." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
"No one could have known the journey you would face." 8x10" acrylic on wood.
​"The perspective from here is daunting." 8x10" acrylic on wood.

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