Society6 is a print on demand service. They have a lot of products, prints come in regular papers, canvas wraps, and metal. In addition I have a few t-shirts, greeting cards, tapestries, and iPhone cases available there as well. It's a nice quality all the way around. The prints are not limited edition or signed, they are just affordable ways to get work out there and in the hands of the people who have been so overwhelmingly supportive. I tend to mainly just upload the smaller pieces there as I try and do limited edition prints with the larger works.


At this point I've published three books. The most recent of them is titled "Internal Landscapes" and it's my favorite works from the last 5 years. Along with the work I talk considerably about what changes I've undergone over the last 5 years in my life. The other two are an older art book from 2012 of my earlier works and style, and a children's book and wrote and illustrator a while back too. I'd like to continue to put out more zines and books every year or so.

Originals and Limited Edition Prints:
When I do post originals or new limited edition prints, I post them here. I may be changing shops soon but for the time being this is the spot. If you follow me on social media, I always announce new products and will generally point you in the right direction. Currently there is nothing in the shop but I do have plans for a few new print releases soon. 
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